ABCD Industry Intimates

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ABCD Industry Intimates

In this quarterly series, we bring together select groups of industry experts to discuss the state of affairs in their respective fields, share ideas and perspectives, and develop solutions to today’s greatest challenges. Attendees enjoy lunch courtesy of TeamABCD, and enjoy engaging conversation  courtesy of phenomenal guests.

Our industry intimates are catered specifically to the four industries below.

While registration is open to all, our lunches are closed. Attendess are selected based on the ABCD Industry Intimate they wish to attend and the attendee’s relevance to the field.

We seek thought leaders in education, charitable organizations, associations, and the faith-based community who have made significant contributions to their fields of expertise on an institutional and/or regional scale.

Below, you will find information on upcoming industry intimates.

Select which date you would like to attend and complete an RSVP form. We will receive your RSVP and confirm attendance. You should expect a confirmation email two weeks prior to the date of the event.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Our events are intimate, so your presence will surely be missed. To be fair to all participants, we require a notice of 72 hours for cancellations. Participants who do not cancel in the specified time period may become ineligible for future invitations.

    Every time we announce a new ABCD Industry Intimate, you will be the first to know!

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