• Amber Dozier: The Think Tank

    Being an intellect is more than being a standard brainiac or trivia spouting “smart” type. A combination of curiosity, ingenuity and a thirst for knowledge is what forms the quintessential intellect. Amber Dozier is a prime example of an intellectual. A voracious reader, trivia buff, and history junky since her youth, she absorbs information like a sponge and applies it to impact the world around her. As a young girl, Amber loved to solve her everyday problems by thinking of imaginative inventions. She recalls her best idea to date, a solution for all the heavy and cumbersome books she loved to read. “I remember going to my dad and saying ‘what if we didn’t have books anymore taking up so much space? What if we had just a small reader and the books could be loaded with a disc or a USB drive or some other type of technology.’” Her father was appropriately encouraging of her idea, yet was careful to remind Amber that a project of that sort would take a lot of time, money and resources that she simply didn’t have. At the time, Amber listened and didn’t take any further action on developing her idea. It wasn’t until four years later that her idea was brought back to her memory. While riding the Washington DC metro she looked up to see an enormous advertisement that shocked her to hysteria. It was the Amazon Kindle; the first of it’s kind ever seen. She couldn’t believe that her dream, which she pondered for years but never executed, was now a reality and would make some other person’s business a fortune. “It was a lesson about trusting your gut instinct and not letting other people tell you that your ‘what-if’ idea is impossible.”

    Since then, Amber, Managing Partner for Research and Development at ABCD & Company, has refused to let a daunting obstacle hinder her path to success. Being raised by a middle class family in northern Illinois did not make her complacent. Her parents were adamant about instilling the drive to work hard in young Amber. She enjoyed a challenge and at the age of 17 made the mature decision to attend college at Howard University, over 800 miles from home. Armed with her sharp mind and determination, she decided that the most logical career course would be to continue her family tradition of working in the health care. Although she entered into the biology department and excelled in her studies, she realized that her passion was not in the medical field. Now came another turning point in her life and career. As a senior in college, she was faced with entering into a field that brought her no joy or wasting the thousands of dollars that she had invested into a biology degree. “Many people told me I was crazy and that it was too late to change my mind. But I refused to listen” Tough choices had to be made, but Amber was indomitable about her decision.

    “One of the most important things I had to learn was not letting obstacles block my greater vision. Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. That means we see the obstacles, but we don’t see that there are 10,000 solutions around to get past that problem.”

     Amber discovered that the solution to her obstacle was entering the business world. Originally hesitant to settle into a corporate lifestyle, Amber discovered that the science world and the business world were not too different. “I would have never thought this at first, but business leaders and scientists actually do think quite similarly. In science, you’re searching for a problem and identifying a solution. So the scientific method is much akin to what we do in business. We identify a problem or a need of some sort, then we test the best ways to address it.”

    Amber now specializes in Research and Development, both within the company and for client-facing projects. “As the main research officer, I often have to look at every situation from various angles before we make a decision. I’m almost always the “what if” person, and those “what if’s” can help develop or reshape a concept so that it can be optimized.” Her intellectual manner and enlightening conversations have earned her the nickname of “The Brain” in the office, and as the brain of ABCD & Company, Amber brings a competitive edge to the business world that may not be found at other companies. “Utilizing a different level of thinking just adds another layer of complexity to ABCD & Company and I absolutely love that part of my contribution.”

    ABCD & Company is a company that utilizes all of the natural gifts, talents and abilities of an employee to strengthen the quality of work. Amber uses her gift of intellect and her expertise to make a difference in the company and better work with her clients. A critical component of her role is organizational policy. In this role, she ensures that clients, especially nonprofits, are aware of their obligations so as to avoid interferences and be more productive. In terms of the company, Amber is a forward thinker. She foresees that ABCD & Company will transform the way people think about and do business by shifting the focus from financial gain to caring for the client. “We are more than just a consulting company. Our level of commitment surpasses that of our peer organizations and institutions and that’s something that will definitely be of note in years to come.”


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  • Shemetris says:Reply
    April 3, 2017 at 11:41 pm

    Your story is very inspiring, thank you. Amazed at the thought you had about putting books in a digital format, only problem it was not supported because family didn’t quite understand. I to can relate to this the lesson you learned is invaluable to life and the possible ideals and “what ifs” God gives to us. I once was told that God will drop the same ideal into many people’s thoughts because He knows only one or two will actually act upon the ideal given.
    I also admire and am greatful to know that ABCD uses all natural, gifts and talents…