• Subcontracting: It’s OK To Be The Sidekick

    Think of your favorite childhood superheroes. What made them great? In a world where everyone is too busy trying to be the superhero, we often forget how critical the sidekick is to the hero’s success. Let’s draw this into our perspective for a second. We’re a few months into the year, and you’ve spent the […]

  • An Entrepreneur’s Love Story

    A couple of relatives were concerned that I wouldn’t have a valentine today. Little did they know, I did. My valentine occupies my attention most of the time. We do practically everything together, and we stay in constant communication.   So, who is this mysterious suitor? It’s ABCD & Company, of course!  My role as […]

  • Who Are You Hiring: José or Joe?

    Recently, I had the task of reviewing résumés for an assistant.  As I sifted through the endless pile, I realized that I had to use some process of elimination if there was a hope of getting through it.  During this process, I ran across all types of résumés; good, bad, and downright ugly.  Some of […]

  • Leave Your Religion At Home

    In an age of pluralism, defined by the implications of a global community, Americans have a grave fear of infringement upon their rights. This is particularly true with respect to personal belief. Accordingly, all forms of faith have been banished from the workplace with near-Stalinist fervor. At the core of this misconception is the inability […]