• #GivingTuesday

    ‘Tis the season of shopping and spending lots of money! Why not ensure some of those dollar bills are being spent on the causes and programs that your organization is championing every day. Whether you’re an international charity like St. Jude Children’s Hospital (OUR CHARITY OF CHOICE) or a local nonprofit, every organization could benefit […]

  • Small Business Saturday

    Small Business Saturday is a day to support the businesses that make America run.  Each year, American Express supports small businesses by promoting their products and events. Here at ABCD & Company, we support American Express’ mission of building small businesses by providing them with all their basic needs for success. We fuel the small businesses […]

  • Creating Drones or Teaching Students?

    Education reform in America is a maze of confusion, filled with conflicting interests, failed ideologies, and inconsistent support. As a result, the educational experience taints and robs children, particularly inner city children, of a fair chance to succeed. To most educators, standardized testing is a fallacy. They are often faced with the challenge of whether […]