Planning a Celebratory Conference Worthy of 25 Years

THE need

Over the past 25 years, this nonprofit association has been an industry leader on the forefront of economic development and small business advocacy. To expand its reach into the small business community, this organization hosts an annual conference to educate member organizations on how they can maximize impact. Leading up to the client’s 25th anniversary, the annual conference had grown beyond the organization’s capacity to manage. The association relied on ABCD & Company for project management through the planning phase, and on-site management during the 3-day event.


Our team met with the association’s staff to identify vision, theme, and conference objectives. Once these objectives were solidified, our project manager created a detailed project plan to be executed by ABCD consultants. These items included the content development necessary for the creation of the conference agenda, breakout sessions, and run of shows for plenary sessions.

ABCD’s brand team and relationship managers developed a robust marketing campaign to target attendees and sponsors leading up to the conference. This was in addition to spearheading stakeholder engagement. Engagement included managing over one hundred speakers, including cabinet level officials, high net worth individuals, fortune 500 executives, and member organizations.

During the event, consultants were responsible for facilities management, guest relations, and production. To increase engagement outside of attendees, our innovation team created a live twitter town hall that engaged panelists and received over 100,000 interactions. On-site logistics related to production, accommodations, meals and entertainment, and venue design were managed on-site to facilitate relationship management with vendors and third-party service providers.


Conference & Event Management
Content Development


Following the close of the event, consultants analyzed attendee data collected during the event to produce a summary report that identified event highlights and opportunities for improvement. The summary report revealed that the client met targets for event attendance, with successful attendee dispersion across various conference sessions. Due to the success of the conference, a fortune 500 sponsor requested to be the presenting sponsor  for the following year, with a six-figure sponsorship pledge.