A Change of Leadership in the 9th Hour: The Gala Must Go On

THE need

This association has advocated for minority businesses for over 30 years. Each year, this association hosts an awards gala to celebrate individuals and organizations that have contributed significantly to the minority business community. This organization also awards several scholarships to college students attending local colleges and universities. The most recent gala featured a much more intricate run-of-show than in previous years; hence, the client sought to augment its on-site production team to ensure a successful event. While the planning and thematics of the event were established, the organization’s leadership recognized a need for a different approach to on-site management and production.


ABCD & Company immediately appointed a project manager to convene with the association’s staff and determine human capital needs and identify outstanding logistics. Within 48 hours, ABCD & Company assembled a production team and integrated that team with the client’s event staff to ensure seamless execution of all tasks. Consultants provided leadership for setup and staging, venue walk-through, scripting, rehearsal of the run of show, A/V production, and communication with guests and speakers.

Following the event, consultants were responsible for assembling key highlights of the event and developing a structure for debrief and review.


Conference and Event Management


Client indicated that attendee surveys revealed a higher satisfaction rate with regard to on-site execution. The client specifically noted that ABCD’s production team worked within a drastically truncated timetable in comparison to the production team from the previous year.