Charitable Organization

ABCD Revitalizes a Community Development Center

THE need

Located in one of the most economically disadvantaged cities in America, this community development center was at risk for dissolution in the face of physical, operational, financial, technological, and regulatory challenges. As a result, the client was unable to effectively serve its target population. The client sought ABCD’s leadership and expertise to rally adequate resources and establish a sustainable infrastructure.


After consultation with the executive leadership, it was determined that an interim Chief Operating Officer was necessary. At the request of the CEO, a partner at ABCD & Company assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer and Administrator.

Following the initial diagnostic, which revealed a lack of controls and an operating deficit, ABCD audited all accounts to identify primary threats to financial security. Based on the audit, consultants determined a need to introduce additional payment processing capabilities and clear standard operating procedures regarding cash handling. Additionally, consultants implemented and brokered strategic relationships with vendors to procure equipment and supplies at competitive rates. Consultants released quarterly financial reports to engage stakeholders and to ensure organizational buy-in.

After one year, an operational surplus was created. Based on the need for physical infrastructure, consultants created a prospectus to secure approval for capital campaign. The capital campaign was targeted to fund a reduction of long-term debt, as well as the purchase and renovation of a facility.


Organizational Infrastructure
Change Management


The long-term debt was reduced by 61.5 % within 18 months due to implementation of fiscal controls and internal auditing. In addition, the client successfully executed a capital campaign that aided in purchase of a facility and renovations, which included construction of an administrative wing and the procurement of audio/visual production equipment.