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Helping a Major Metropolitan University Discover the Power of Digital

THE need

A metropolitan university sought to increase student engagement through its digital capabilities. This was a challenge because the institution’s website had a text-heavy layout and a static design.  The original platform that was used to develop the site was a significant contributor to these challenges.  The administrative controls of the site were limited and difficult to maneuver. As a result, only one administrator was allowed access to the site’s back end, which impeded the client’s ability to update the site with dynamic design elements. In addition, the client sought to expand its digital capabilities to include a mobile application.


To remedy these challenges, consultants gathered key stakeholders in a series of immersive sessions to identify functional requirements and establish clear lines of communication between all stakeholders. The sessions were also vital in providing clarity concerning institutional messaging and brand consistency. Based on these sessions, consultants condensed and redesigned over 5,000 pages of web content to create a more interactive user experience.


Website Development
Mobile Application Development
Content Development


The redeveloped site featured a more extensive use of multimedia, with vivid emphasis on the institution’s brand. In addition, consultants migrated the site to a new development platform, and transitioned all pages from a local server to a cloud server. The back-end was reconfigured to allow schools and colleges autonomy over local site layout, while maintaining institutional brand consistency–the university webmaster retains final approval of modifications.

The mobile application was also developed with integration with the client’s student portal system to expand functionality and accessibility for students. However, the greatest ROI has been the client’s ability to use the mobile application as a recruiting tool for prospective students. In addition, the mobile application serves as a channel for emergency updates and other critical information to be pushed to the university community.