Rebranding a K-12 Public Institution in Anticipation of Its Diamond Anniversary

THE need

In anticipation of a fundraising campaign to commemorate its diamond anniversary, a local high school sought to redevelop its brand. Due to multiple versions of its mascot and logo, and absence of an official brand guide, the school struggled to establish brand recognition. In addition, the client sought to reflect the positive shift in the school’s diversity through its brand.


To facilitate the school’s efforts, consultants created a campaign that included a campus beautification project, established brand guidelines, and redesigned a mascot and logo to capture the diversity of the student population. In addition, consultants worked with school administrators, alumni, and community partners to compose and design marketing collateral that targeted key stakeholders.

To ensure the longevity of the school’s brand, consultants also produced a brand guide that clearly defined the client’s brand and outlined proper usage of that brand via standard typography, spacing, colors, logo usage, mascot usage, and layouts.  The brand guide contained specific standards for written and audio communication.


Brand Identity
Content Development
Marketing Collateral
Market Research


The client utilized the redesigned logo and marketing material in a fundraising campaign that successfully garnered support for a renovation initiative to overhaul all artwork and aesthetics located on school property, including murals, banners, and interior artwork. These renovations were executed based on the brand guide and the redeveloped mascot and logo.

In addition, the school has seen a significant impact in its merchandising efforts. The redevelopment of its brand has enabled the school to produce a line of apparel to generate an auxiliary revenue stream.