From Community Awareness to Building a Community Brand

THE need

This client sought to redefine its organizational model to facilitate expansion and sustainability. In particular, the client sought to establish effective organizational governance by positioning client’s board and leadership as a proactive decision-making body. To accomplish these goals, the client looked to ABCD & Company to execute the strategic planning process. The major objective of the strategic plan was to create a framework for every facet of the organization, based on the mission, vision, and values of the organization.


Consultants performed a complete overhaul of the client’s operational infrastructure and realigned its strategic direction through phased project management throughout the strategic planning process. ABCD & Company’s execution of the strategic planning process included gap analysis, SWOT analysis, redevelopment of the organization’s mission and vision, identification of the following critical components: current market, target market share, value proposition, cash flow strategy, short-term and long-term goals, and key performance indicators. ABCD & Company also established a comprehensive plan of action that incorporated an overhaul of the organization’s brand identity and marketing strategy.


Strategic Planning
Brand Identity
Marketing Collateral


Within 18 months, the client successfully implemented 3 out of 5 stages of the strategic plan, including an overhaul of IT infrastructure, redevelopment of brand identity and marketing tools, and completion of major repairs and modifications to its main facility. The addition of a clear brand and marketing materials yielded a 212.5% increase in funding over a 2-year period.