Fortifying a Pillar of an Urban Community

THE need

This organization has served as a center of the surrounding urban community for 18 years. However, the past decade has brought demographic and economic changes that have impacted the amount of financial support the church receives on an annual basis. Simultaneously, the population in need of the church’s benevolence, outreach, and community development  activities has increased. The programmatic budget of the church exceeded its funding capacity. As such, all staffing consisted of a volunteer corps, which did not have the full range of KSAs needed to support critical functions such as budget execution, expenditure management, and IT management. Due to shifts in volunteer capacity, there was a major shift in the leadership of the client’s finance department. This left the client’s financial and operational infrastructure in a volatile and precarious state. In the face of these challenges, the client’s executive leadership sought ABCD & Company’s expertise in financial management and strategic operations.


ABCD’s team convened with executive leadership to determine the state of the financial affairs and gather information regarding key stakeholder relationships. After several discovery sessions with executive leadership and other stakeholders, consultants developed an implementation plan for all goals and objectives articulated by the Chief Executive Officer to comprise a strategic plan. Through systematic analysis of all organizational processes, consultants facilitated redevelopment of the organization’s mission, vision, and organizational values.  Following this redevelopment, consultants developed financial, operational, and programmatic strategies to meet organizational goals and objectives within 3-7 years. These strategies were designed to work synergistically to convert threats into opportunities for advancement, based on data collected and analyzed via SWOT analysis. Consultants began execution of these strategies, which led to reengineering of all facets of the organization’s infrastructure, with specific attention to financial management processes. To ensure a smooth leadership transition of the finance department, consultants briefed executed a training series to ensure that incoming leadership and staff members gained a thorough understanding of roles, responsibilities, and processes going forward. Additionally, ABCD’s team renegotiated all vendor relationship to ease financial burdens that posed a threat to the client’s solvency.


Infrastructure Development
Financial Management
Process Reengineering
Strategic Planning
Leadership Training


The practices enumerated in the strategic plan were proven effective by client’s ability to successfully overhaul facilities and technological capability within 1 year. As a result of the internal controls implemented by ABCD’s team, short-term debt was reduced by 68% and long-term-debt was reduced by 35%. In addition, the client successfully transitioned leadership of its finance division and overhauled all financial IT systems.