Financial Services

Regional Bank Celebrates a $30 Billion Investment in Main Street

THE need

In support of a major community investment commitment, a national financial institution with over 13 markets throughout the United States, sought to host a series of stakeholder engagement events that would celebrate its grant recipients and showcase its efforts, success stories, and insights in the following areas: engagement in lending and investment activities that meet and exceed CRA regulations; and, providing community investment to markets with high demand. Due to limited internal capacity and subsequently extended procurement timelines, our financial services client required a vendor to execute these events within a highly truncated planning window.


To facilitate this objective, ABCD & Company assumed management of the client’s national stakeholder meeting series in four of it’s largest markets (Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati, Tampa). The event lifecycle consisted of pre-planning, on-site management, and post-event reporting for each event. During the process, our team collaborated with CRA Director and market managers to execute pre-event planning duties and post-conference reporting. ABCD launched the planning phase by meeting with the client ’s staff to identify vision, theme, and event objectives. 

During each event, ABCD provided on-the-ground leadership for logistic operations including shipping and receiving, guest management, and set up/breakdown to ensure a seamless event. Additionally, our team worked with venue staff at each event to ensure a successful production flow by creating and managing each run of show, while collaborating with vendors to ensure successful execution of audiovisual production and catering services. Following the conclusion of each event, ABCD produced a final report that included an itemization of expenses, and an event debriefs that detailed successes, challenges, and lessons learned. Our team also provided post-event stakeholder engagement by preparing thank you correspondence to attendees. 


Catering & Food Service Management
Audiovisual Production Coordination
Staging, Design & Décor Procurement
Vendor Management
Event Materials Procurement
Marketing & Communications


The client showcased its partnerships with over 130 organizations, reaching over 2,000 internal and external stakeholders. Subsequently, the client successfully garnered public exposure for over $3 million in grant initiatives.