Private Sector

A Hybrid Approach to Marketing in Healthcare


A private healthcare practitioner sought to increase activity in its patient acquisition pipeline to ultimately expand the practice. To achieve these objectives, the client determined a need to increase contact with potential patients. To accelerate the process of reaching potential patients, the client sought ABCD & Company’s marketing team to create and implement a viable marketing strategy.


ABCD’s team developed a market research report to identify segmentation within the client’s niche market and determine variance in market behavior across the identified segments. Based on this report, consultants developed strategic communications plan that included print and digital marketing, with emphasis on cultivation of an active social media presence.

To provide coverage of all segments within the target market, ABCD & Company designed collateral that targeted active, inactive, and prospective patients. In addition, the project team developed content for inbound marketing, including blogs and social media content. Consultants also set up and deployed social media dashboards and email marketing software to drive the client’s inbound marketing efforts. In addition, the project culminated with delivery of training on production, syndication, and archiving of live vlogs and management of social media accounts.   


Marketing Strategy Development
Content Development
Marketing Collateral Production
Market Research


Based on the social media engagement data captured immediately following implementation, the client projected a 200% increase in followers across two platforms within the following quarter. Additionally, the client projected a 78% increase in patient visits over a six month period in direct correlation to printed marketing collateral and email marketing content. Updates on client performance and outcomes will be shared by ABCD’s marketing team as additional data becomes available.