Private Sector

Going Pro: A Sports Management Firm Bets Big on Marketing


In preparation for an anticipated growth phase, a talent management company identified a need to demonstrate its expertise and prominence in the sports management industry, with particular appeal to NFL players. The client also sought to expand its roster to include additional sports. The client’s strategy to achieve this objective consisted of developing a suite of marketing collateral under a cohesive brand identity in order to appeal to a high-profile customer base. In addition, the client sought to develop the brand of a nonprofit, which was founded by an NFL player currently under the client’s management.


ABCD & Company developed two marketing collateral suites in order to target the for profit and nonprofit audiences. Consultants determined that the best approach was to strategically position the client in association with the individual brands of the NFL players under the it’s management. In turn, the client’s brand would gain credibility by association. To appeal to the broad spectrum of current and aspiring athletes, the marketing team developed a theme that emphasized the client’s ability to bring value to players during and beyond their professional careers.

To create the marketing portfolio of the nonprofit, consultants designed a brand aligned collateral suite that emphasized the nonprofit’s impact within its target community. Based on market research, it was determined that there was a need for heavy emphasis on relationships with other organizations within the nonprofit’s target community. By depicting these relationships and their impact through visuals and language, consultants demonstrated the founder’s commitment to the organizational mission and the members of the target community.


Marketing Collateral Production
Content Development


Within 90 days, the client signed two new athletes to its roster, including its first NBA player.