• Lessons Learned from the Chicken Sandwich War

    Chicken Armageddon Has Begun Here’s the Backstory:  Popeyes recently decided to start fast-food Armageddon by unleashing their new chicken sandwich.  Now anyone who knows anything about fast-food understands that Chic-fil-A, who claims to be the originator of the chicken sandwich, has dominated the battle for chicken sandwich king forever. Don’t believe me? Just look at their […]

  • Marketing 101: Don’t Be Like Pepsi

    The reality is that anyone can make a mistake. Unfortunately, in this day and age, everyone knows your mistakes. In a constantly evolving digital age, even industry titans are making huge mistakes that we all can learn from. While Pepsi is the most recent global brand to succumb to a marketing snafu, they aren’t the […]

  • Is Streaming Worth It?

    The knee jerk response to this question is usually, “Why pay for something I can get for free?” I’m going to tell you right now that there is no argument against this concept, and if you’re looking for free, this article isn’t going to convince you otherwise.   I would like to appeal to people […]

  • This Is How We Do It

    Here is a scenario. Company A is dominating their respective markets, employees work 12+ hours daily, make great salaries, but have high turnover rates. At Company B, employees work just as hard, make less money, but have very low turnover.   Here is the reality. Company A is suffering from bad organizational culture. By sacrificing […]

  • An Entrepreneur’s Love Story

    A couple of relatives were concerned that I wouldn’t have a valentine today. Little did they know, I did. My valentine occupies my attention most of the time. We do practically everything together, and we stay in constant communication.   So, who is this mysterious suitor? It’s ABCD & Company, of course!  My role as […]

  • Small Business Saturday

    Small Business Saturday is a day to support the businesses that make America run.  Each year, American Express supports small businesses by promoting their products and events. Here at ABCD & Company, we support American Express’ mission of building small businesses by providing them with all their basic needs for success. We fuel the small businesses […]