• #GivingTuesday

    ‘Tis the season of shopping and spending lots of money! Why not ensure some of those dollar bills are being spent on the causes and programs that your organization is championing every day. Whether you’re an international charity like St. Jude Children’s Hospital (OUR CHARITY OF CHOICE) or a local nonprofit, every organization could benefit […]

  • The Event Hack: Location Matters

    ‘Tis the season of festivals and events. From the great state of Texas with SXSW, to the nation’s capital with the American Express Summit for Success, to the infamous Bourbon Street in NOLA with Essence Festival, attendees will spend big bucks to be stimulated by lights, cameras, and action. However, what really makes these events […]

  • Subcontracting: It’s OK To Be The Sidekick

    Think of your favorite childhood superheroes. What made them great? In a world where everyone is too busy trying to be the superhero, we often forget how critical the sidekick is to the hero’s success. Let’s draw this into our perspective for a second. We’re a few months into the year, and you’ve spent the […]

  • Amber Dozier: The Think Tank

    Being an intellect is more than being a standard brainiac or trivia spouting “smart” type. A combination of curiosity, ingenuity and a thirst for knowledge is what forms the quintessential intellect. Amber Dozier is a prime example of an intellectual. A voracious reader, trivia buff, and history junky since her youth, she absorbs information like […]

  • Brittanye Calhoun: The Visionary

    The average human may choose to rely more on either the logical and rigid left-brain or the creative and abstract right brain. The use of the right or left-brain impacts the personality, the problem-solving methods and the decision-making processes of each individual. Using both hemispheres equally in every day life may seem difficult and maybe […]

  • Corey Briscoe: The Man Behind the Money

      It was the historical election of 2007. At Howard University, two freshmen vied for the coveted position of freshman class president. The first contender was the obvious choice, a Goliath of popularity and a master of charm. The second contender was more like David. He offered a passion for leadership and unconventional wisdom albeit […]