Charter School

ABCD Creates Programming and Evaluates Data for Charter School in Anticipation of a Grant Cycle

THE need

An educational institution pursuing a grant from a major funder sought to increase probability of success by supplementing its research and analysis capabilities. In addition, the client sought to refine its programs to further align them with the organization’s mission and maximize impact for its benefactors.


ABCD & Company facilitated these objectives through project management and program development for the organization’s urban education initiative. The developed program consisted of a series of learning modules that supplemented the academic experience, and incorporated external stakeholders who engaged students.

Consultants performed qualitative and quantitative research to evaluate the impact of the external stakeholders on the educational experience. The research specifically focused on the effects of social environments and socioeconomic status in the classroom. Based on the data analysis, consultants developed a summary report in support of a documentary to be incorporated into the grant proposal, which centered on education reform.


Program Development
Data Analysis
Impact Assessment


The client was successfully awarded over $100,000 in grant funding, and successfully launched the documentary series on a major television network.