• Corey Briscoe: The Man Behind the Money


    It was the historical election of 2007. At Howard University, two freshmen vied for the coveted position of freshman class president. The first contender was the obvious choice, a Goliath of popularity and a master of charm. The second contender was more like David. He offered a passion for leadership and unconventional wisdom albeit an unpopular opinion. However, unlike the classic story of David and Goliath, the Goliath beat David for the position. The David in our story was none other than Corey Briscoe, Managing Partner for Internal Operations and Talent Acquisition. This minor experience turned into a stepping stone for Corey in his journey for success as a business leader and visionary. After the election, Corey gained a new philosophy for life and business, and used his passions to motivate him to succeed.

    Corey graduated in 2011 with dual degrees in Political Science and English. He entered straight into the workforce with high hopes of climbing the corporate ladder as well as entering into the political arena. Attempting to reach his goals, he worked tirelessly at a business-consulting firm, although it seemed to bring him no joy. “I went through this rut in my life…and then I realized that I needed to find something new,” said Corey. He realized that he was not following his passions and therefore was not happy. The turning point in his career was being laid off from his comfortable corporate job. What many would see as misfortune, Corey chose to see an opportunity. “I realized that sometimes the process and the plan is more important than the pay…and now I am here and I love what I do. I wake up everyday ready to work.”

    The “here” that Corey is referencing is the corporate office of ABCD & Company, a business consulting firm that specializes in branding, marketing, and operational support for senior level management, located in upscale Chevy Chase, Maryland. Selecting an office in such a prestigious location proved to be one of the hardest decisions in Corey’s corporate career. Despite the naysayers who alleged that a group of young millennials moving into such an environment would not prosper, Corey was determined that he knew what was best for the business. He hoped that by moving to this location ABCD & Company would be taken more seriously as a company and be more dedicated overall as a team. Today, six months after moving into the new office space, ABCD & Company has already experienced tremendous growth and success as a young company. “You have got to see big, be fearless and have a vision of what is next,” Corey says. “If you work hard, and are unwavering in your values, that’s when you will see the greatest return.”

    Moving forward, Corey wants ABCD & Company to be in a place where they can give back and contribute to the community. “In 5 years I see us as a multimillion dollar company with a great impact in supporting businesses but at the same extent having a huge philanthropic effect. Whether it’s going into communities that don’t have business programs and creating pilots or supporting entrepreneurs that have a goal but no resources.” Corey refuses to rise to the ranks of a Goliath corporation and forget that he once started as a David. His passion is to give opportunities to excel to those who might not have been offered the opportunity otherwise.

    “[This lifestyle] it’s not for everyone, the lifestyle for ABCD & Company is for anyone who believes in excellence, growth, teamwork and really understands that there is intention in everything that we do and there’s a greater impact than just making money.” Corey hopes that those who do business with ABCD & Company understand what they’re getting into. ABCD & Company, according to Corey, is a trans-formative and dedicated company. “Our team can rival some of the best corporations because there is a culture of teamwork, honesty and growth. You don’t just get a consultant you get an entire team invested into their work.”



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