• Durecia Moorer: The Face of the Company

    In a room full of successful women, bubbly and vivacious Durecia Moorer stands out. Tall and confident, she draws others to her who are eager to engage in discussion and create partnerships. As the Managing Partner for Sales, Marketing and Strategic Development at ABCD & Company, her job success depends on this draw. However, if you ask others why Durecia is so successful, they would say she is authentic.

    Born and raised in the inner city of Cleveland, Durecia’s academic brilliance earned her many opportunities. As a first generation college student, she was determined to fund her education and was selected for the coveted Gates Millennium Scholarship funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. With the scholarship, she matriculated through the historic Howard University, where she earned a degree in Human Development and Pyschoeducational Studies with the intention of becoming a Doctor. In an interview Durecia said, “…I knew I didn’t want to be a doctor but I told my mom and family that I wanted to be a doctor, so I would not let that dream go. So when I finally came to terms with the fact that I didn’t want to be a doctor, everything began to align.” Her mentor, Dr. Jacquie Hood Martin provided her an opportunity to work as an educator and from this experience Durecia discovered her passions. She stated, “I saw that I had a passion for entrepreneurship, a passion for nonprofits, and a passion for people really building wealth—whether through entrepreneurship, real estate, or investing…” These passions led her to join ABCD & Company as a managing partner.

    Durecia, the face of the company can often be found traveling the country, scouting out clients and attending networking events that will expand the #TeamABCD brand. When networking, Durecia has a certain way of making long lasting and profitable connections. “I make a sincere effort to invest in potential clients so I want to know where [they] work currently. I want to know what [they] do, and why [they] do what [they] do; what are [their] passions, what are [their] fears and how are things really going. I really try to make an investment in the people that I meet.” Using this method, Durecia has had the opportunity to network with moguls such as Daymond John and Susan Taylor. With a schedule full of networking events, client meetings, and travel opportunities, Durecia works long hours with a smile daily. Her colleagues would attest that her smile and genuine spirit are the reason why clients love her. When asked would she trade the power of owning her own business to work in a profitable post elsewhere, the answer was a resounding “no.”

    “I love that each day is different and every person with all of his or her personalities is able to thrive in our [company’s] environment.”

    With all of her success and hard work, Durecia remains extremely grounded. The most important thing to her in business is staying true to herself, being humble, and remaining authentic. Her advice to entrepreneurs? “Always remember, the best way to build great business is to stay true to who you are and avoid trying to accommodate everyone’s perception of you.” Durecia hopes to not only be successful with ABCD & Company, but also to help others generate the wealth that they deserve, impact the community, and shift the paradigm of business among millennials. Work never stops for Durecia, and if she continues at her current pace, success is inevitable for her and #TeamABCD.














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