• #GivingTuesday

    ‘Tis the season of shopping and spending lots of money! Why not ensure some of those dollar bills are being spent on the causes and programs that your organization is championing every day.

    Whether you’re an international charity like St. Jude Children’s Hospital (OUR CHARITY OF CHOICE) or a local nonprofit, every organization could benefit from resources that empower them to build capacity and more importantly, serve their communities. With #GivingTuesday coming up just around the corner, we want to provide some tools and tips to ensure that you are 1) maximizing your engagement; 2) efficiently connecting and communicating to your target stakeholders; and, 3) Giving it all you’ve got to finish the year strong.

    1. Stop watching the clock and take action.

    Let’s be clear. We can all use more than 24 hours in a day and it never seems like we can check off more than two things on our to do list. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t take much deliberation to decide to get involved in  #GivingTuesday.  Take action immediately if you haven’t already. Did you know that last year nearly 100 countries participated in #GivingTuesday? One of the best benefits of #GivingTuesday is that your organization could gain exposure and more stakeholders by joining a global conversation and movement!


    1. Utilize an integrated approach or hire someone else to make it happen.

    Say it with me…. Website. Check. Scheduled posts and digital ad campaigns. Check. Content calendar. Check. Press release. Check. Video. Check. Graphics. Check. Local news segment. Check. Direct mailer. Check. Phone banking. Check. I ran out of breath saying check! However, in order for you to fully maximize your outreach, all of the above plus more are necessary. The key is being able to determine how your audience engages. Fingers crossed that you are not shooting in the dark trying to  create interaction between your supporters and your brand.


    1. Make it compelling. No one wants to hear a generic story.

    What have you accomplished last year? Do you have a heart wrenching testimonial or a groundbreaking story? New donors are interested in how well you manage resources while ensuring that the work gets done. In fact, you should have a repository of success stories that you can include in your campaign. Organize them based on impact, geographic location, etc. That way, you can segment them to provide a variety of narratives that appeal to diverse audiences.


    1. Look at what other organizations are doing!

    I wish I could say this was not necessary, but it is. Organizations of all kinds are successfully raising funds, obtaining in-kind donations, and doing it like a well-oiled machine. Even the largest of nonprofits are looking for creative ways to innovate and keep the donor pipeline strong. Don’t deny the power of market research and spending a little time to refine your strategy and approach.


    1. Generate excitement with your team. If they don’t support, how do you expect others to?

    How many of your staff members post about the organization? Can you undeniably say that they are committed to the cause? If not, assess their reasons for why they don’t feel comfortable sharing. Maybe they don’t feel confident or comfortable with making “the ask.” Creating a solid toolkit will give them everything they need to be in alignment with the organization without compromising the brand integrity!


    1. Utilize your largest supporters or just be bold and tag Oprah!

    What an honor it would be to nominate your largest donors as influencers for #GivingTuesday 2018! You’ll be surprised, but some donors are waiting to get more engaged and really flex their giving muscles. If you haven’t already generated a strong base, try shooting for the stars—literally. Tag Oprah or some other influencer who has a heart for kids, animals, social causes, education, and the list goes on. There’s no guarantees, but you will be surprised how being bold just might pay off!


    If you would like to talk further about your organization’s #GivingTuesday efforts, comment below or send an email to [email protected] with “#GivingTuesday” as the subject line.

    About Durecia Moorer

    Durecia Moorer is the managing partner who leads sales, marketing, and strategic development at ABCD & Company in Chevy Chase, Maryland. You can visit her Twitter page @dureciamoorer to see more of her thought leadership or contact her with inquiries at [email protected]. She’s looking forward to hearing from you!

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