• Hosting Events with an Epicurean Flair: 5 Food Trends for 2020

    In 2020, transforming an event from a maybe to a must-attend to memorable has become a bigger challenge than ever before. While the details may be tedious and overwhelming, it pays to have an event where guests our wowed. Staying on top of food and beverage trends are an excellent way to keep your events fresh and current, and keep your guests hungry for more. Take a look at some of the hot trends for food and beverages in 2020!


    Trend #1: Alternative Diets & Plant-based Proteins 

    Meeting the status quo with a chicken, beef or fish option is no longer enough. Many people are turning to alternative diets as a means of being more aware of their lifestyle habits and they’re committed to those diets, even at events. Having meat-free, dairy free, and even keto options is a way to show your guests that they aren’t being punished for not being mainstream.



    Trend #2: Cross Cultural Cuisine and Fermented Foods 

    Over the last few years, we’ve seen an increased interest in drinks like the fizzy-tea, Kombucha and food like the popular Korean side dish, Kimchi. In 2020, these items aren’t going anywhere, and they speak to a broader trend of the entire events team bringing in elements from different cultures. Guests are showing a more adventurous palette. Try a Mexican-Indian fusion dish, pair it with a Japanese sake-based cocktail, and finish it off with a French dessert.


    Trend #3: Unique Serving Vessels

    White dinner plates with a main dish and two sides are functional, but they lack fun! Edible containers for a mess-free dessert plating or elongated gold spoons for appetizers make eating at an event less of a requirement and more of an experience.





    Trend #4: Local & Sustainable Ingredients 

    As we become more aware of our role in helping the planet, consumers are looking for sustainability in every facet of the event. From locally grown ingredients to using less plastic and paper for centerpieces and menus, making visible efforts to be more sustainable can make a big impact on guests, all while keeping a small carbon footprint.



    Trend #5: Low-and Non-Alcohol Cocktails & Beverages 

    In 2020, event-goers aren’t requiring alcohol to mix and mingle. They want an amazing experience that they can remember the next morning. Many people are joining the sober curious movement and are trying to fit this new choice into their lifestyle. With low-and no-alcohol beverages predicted to grow about 32 percent between 2018 and 2022, expanding the craft “mocktail” menu at your event will show guests that you’re focused on providing a balanced and industry-forward experience (Bon Appetit)


    As 2020 dawns the beginning of a decade, the promise of innovation follows right behind. All of these trends speak to a broader idea that more and more people want to feel like they aren’t sacrificing their lifestyle to attend an event. Millennials and Generation Z, in particular, are always looking for ways to be cultured, edgy, healthy and sustainable. By implementing just a few of these trends, guests will be sure to remember your event.


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