Managing Partner and Chief Client Officer


Brittanye Calhoun, a proud alum of Howard University, is a trendsetting entrepreneur and a champion of women in business. As the Cheif Client Officer, she ensures that the ABCD brand is fully integrated into every client experience. Calhounā€™s forward-thinking approach to project management and customer service has made a dynamic impact on some of the most respected and well-known organizations in business, education, and the nonprofit sector. Lauded by clients and colleagues alike, her ability to transform resources and opportunities into tangible results has earned the esteem of high profile individuals across fields, ranging from journalism to higher education. Prior to leading Client Services & Quality Control, Calhoun led Creative Services and was the architect of the ABCD brand. Calhoun, a native of Fairfield County, Connecticut, holds a Master of Business Administration in Project Management.


Customer Service
Women in Leadership
Event Management


DIY Projects
Patronizing the Arts