• What Happens to Innovation Deferred?

    Sometimes the best ideas get lost along the way.


    One of the most sacred parts of our daily routine is the morning shower. If you’re lucky, this part of your morning lasts at least 15 minutes, giving your mind time to wander as you begin your day. This coveted morning brainstorming session is where innovative ideas take root.

    Innovation is originality that produces new or improved solutions that meet known and unarticulated needs. Innovtion can take the form of technologies, ideas, proucts, processes, or services, and has a lasting effect on the market and society as a whole.

    Unfortunately, once we dry off our bodies, our minds dry up too. Our mental space is again filled with the burdens of daily life. These are some of the many dynamics that keep people from maintaining an innovative mindset.



    It takes money, time and a sense of stability to facilitate innovation.  

    The goal of innovation is to create something new and useful. Without the proper finances, we lack the mental freedom to innovate beyond the needs of the next 24 hours. The need for security inhibits most individuals from making a risky move without knowing the long-term effects. Many business leaders face this dilemma professionally. They are blessed with great ideas, but lack the resources to execute them. Businesses want money, time, and stability because they create opportunity for innovation to take place.



    If you want to innovate, you have to make time to explore.

    Exposing yourself to the same stimuli and the same information sources (e.g. Blogs, tv shows, websites) day in and day out isn’t going to spur out of the box thinking. Delve into a variety of information, get a recommendation from a friend on a new book to read or website to visit. Reaching out to different generations older and younger can also give you a fresh perspective on an existing challenge. An older advisor may also be in a position to invest money, while a younger advisor may be willing to lend their time.



    We are products of our environment. Sometimes being innovative you have to take the scenic route.

    We all have so many great ideas hidden away, just waiting for the right moment to come to the surface. When we position ourselves in creative spaces around other innovators, those ideas are able to flourish. It takes effort to create a fertile environment for them to grow. That may mean going to more events, investing in education, or simply making an effort to meet new people. It’s important to routinely expose ourselves to new and different ideas, which are often the catalyst we need. When in doubt, a fresh perspective can give us the creative boost we need to bring an idea one step closer to fruition.


    What if shower time isn’t where you find your creative Zen? There’s no silver bullet for coming up with great ideas. Everyone has different motivations and catalysts. What works best for you may be a strange tactic or take some trial and error to discover. There is only one characteristic every innovator must possess: resilience.


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