• Consultant vs. Collaborator: Why TeamABCD is Your Only Choice

    Seeking service providers can be an arduous task. The reality is, there are a bevy of consultants and firms–that seemingly do much of the same things. We get it. That’s why the ABCD gospel is providing a dynamic experience that leaves you feeling that you are working with extended staff–not consultants.

    We pride ourselves in doing the heavy lifting for clients. So we decided, why not do the heavy lifting for prospective clients? There are many reasons to start an ABCD experience, but here are five popular reasons why our clients constantly choose TeamABCD!

    1. We Assimilate Into Client Environments 

    One of our greatest strengths is our ability to work in “stealth mode.” Our consultants are great at blending with client personnel and culture. The result is that we can effectively work from the inside out to get results. Unlike firms that work from an external perspective, we become a part of your team. Whether we are providing event staff or completing a blind study, we work seamlessly with our clients to maintain their image and make the process simple.

    2. The Client Experience is Uniquely Connected

    Our clients are an investment, and we take a personal interest in the growth and longevity of our clients. A big part of making that investment means walking step by step with our clients through every phase of a project. Even when it means disrupting the status quo, we communicate closely with our clients to ensure that they understand the process. Bottom line: Our model is one of partnership. From day one of onboarding, your mission is our mission, and we go above and beyond to make it happen.

    3. Boomers LOVE Us!

    Yes, we know that the “general” consensus of millennials are arrogant, and entitled; however, our team has managed to win the hearts of boomers. It is our ability to translate the language of digital marketing and develop innovative approaches that never overlook their ideas and experiences. We enhance their efforts–and because of it, we are one big happy family!

    4. Once You Go ABCD, You Never Go Back

    There are no greater champions of ABCD, than our current clients. Just ask them. Want to know how a current client views their ABCD experience? They will tell you and tell you the truth.

    They receive no compensation, nor have they signed an oath to provide raving reviews for our team–but they consistently do. In fact, the average client gave our team a score of 9.4/10 when asked how they view their overall ABCD experience. We attribute that to building relationships with our clients. From celebrating their kids’ soccer wins to their work anniversaries, we create a lasting bond with our clients. This allows us to keep providing excellence in service and keeps over 90% of our clients returning to TeamABCD for new experiences.

    5. Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number

    While in technical terms our business has only been operating for a few years, our knowledge base is backed by successful outcomes. In fact, we have developed project portfolios that include the nation’s leading organizations in higher education, performing arts, economic development, and the nonprofit sector. We believe in providing a fresh perspective, and cutting edge implementation. Age never gets in the way of meeting the goal with success!

    We are constantly challenging industry norms to create innovative solutions as our world evolves. To learn more about how why organizations love working with us, take a look at our case studies here.


    About Durecia Moorer

    Durecia Moorer is an entrepreneur, speaker, and consultant. Moorer serves as the Managing Partner for Sales, Marketing, and Strategic Development at ABCD & Company. She has oversight of business development, marketing strategy, and strategic partnerships. Branded as the “people’s magnet,” Moorer’s ability to leverage resources and garner profitable, mutually beneficial relationships has provided her access to high profile executives and prominent leaders alike.  

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  • Shemetris says:Reply
    April 3, 2017 at 9:50 pm

    Awesome I love the fact that you inform reading that “age is just a number” it does not determine your experience nor expertise. Not to mention “Boomers Love you” I am loving you guys already, great post Ms. Moore